We Are The FIRST & LARGEST Rice e-Retailer In Cross Border eCommerce

– We have sold 1,200 metric tons of Thai Hom Mali Rice in 2015 on taobao.com, which is equal to 6 months transaction volume of all rice retailers on taobao.com marketplace in 2014, and 36 months sales volume of imported rice of Century Mart.

Dancing With The Elephants

Our company is less than 1 year old, a nobody to the market, but during this world’s largest retailing carnivals of 11.11, we get treated and enjoy the same / better e-marketing resources as the global food brand giants like Costco, METRO, Count Down, King Power, eMart, Hershey’s, etc, because we have the right team and right strategy.

Delivering Health & Sharing Happiness

We only sell 100% prepackaged imported foods, we only supply healthy and safe foods to our consumers, and we only feel satisfied when our customers are happy.
During the Thailand Gourmet promotion event from Jul 10th ~ 12th, we have achieved below results:

  1. 250,000 bottles of Thai red bull are sold in 48 hours, which makes us top 3 ranking in the search result
  2. 8,000 bags of Kaset 5kg Thai Jasmine Rice are sold in 6 hours, and it costs the #2 rice vendor 3 months to sell 8,000 bags of rice
  3. 36,000 bottles of Pearl Royal 100% Coconut Water are sold out in 72 hours, while our competitor only has hundreds of bottles sales record in 30 days and they are 20% cheaper than ours
Hagard Wei

CEO, Zhejiang Zhongpan eCommerce Co., Ltd.

During this 11.11 shopping festival, we have sold 500 metric tons of Thai Hom Mali Rice in 24 hours, which set a new record of the rice retailing industry in the world. And we have achieved the #1 position of rice category on taobao.com marketplace after 71 days of operation.

China Middle Class

– China has the largest Middle Class population in the world

According to a report from Credit Suisse in 2014, there are 1 billion middle class population in the world, and 30% of them are from China. China has the world’s fastest growing GDP and the middle class population is said to hit 500 million in 5 years. However, due to the air, earth and water pollution in China, especially the food safety issue spreading around China in recent few years, these current 300 million middle class population are hunger for imported water and foods from the outside world. They make use of all means to grasp foods and other items from overseas groceries and shopping malls. Chinese consumers spend about us$24 billion in cross border shopping in 2014, mostly through eCommerce,  and 50% are done in USA territory. Year to year growth rate is also 100%. And this trend will continue to grow rapidly for next 5 years. In 2014, China government launched 7 pilot cities for the cross-border eCommerce experiment, which is now taken as the best way for overseas brands pre-entering into China.

China, the World #1 Consumer Marketplace

– China is the largest & fastest developing consumer market as well as the largest eCommerce market in the world since 2013

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